James Edwards Artist’s catalogue of work

My creations are derived from natural organic forms of the land, they range from Igneous/metamorphic to water, fire and living breathing organisms.
Volcanic bottles & cloud stoppers
These lavishly adorned miniature Volcanic vases/bottles with their playful yet organic stopper tops attribute all that is beautiful about the volcano itself. With their sweeping flows of pyroclastic ash clouds and sky high laverous fountains spraying up into the air, their sweeping necks free standing to the devastating all encombercent surface. These have been hand turned and can be cast multiple times in different sizes. Please inquire if interested, details to follow below.
£7.00 per item


£24.00 for a set of Four with cloud insets

Decorative Lava craters
A series of richly covered Crater and Iron glazes fused in oxidation to expose the rich bubbling craters and deep red veins emerging through the smoldered Greens and metalic grey patterns. Inspired by the Icelandic landscapes of Eyjaffjallajokull.
£4.00 per item


£17.00 for a set of Five with cloud insets

For more information on Decorative items, bowls, vases, pots and jugs please visit my blog:- Jimafro.wordpress.com or call on07881370298 and ask for James.